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Come with us on a walk through our history, our plantation, and meet our work family.

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Our heritage


The love affair began in 1857. In the slopes of outer Giris in the Western Ghat region of Karnataka at a place called Chikmagalur, which didn’t exist on the important trading map till coffee sprouted on its terrain.

At 3500-4000 feet above sea level at a place blessed with an average 75 inch rainfall, a young T B Malle Gowda with the help of the British discovered that he can grow the finest Arabica beans. The love for coffee further brewed in his son T B Nagesh. Today, 150 years later, coffee is infused in the bloodline of The Thogarihunkal Estate Group.

Our Ecosystem

By Nature

The flavour of our coffee is rich with the flavour of ecological diversity.

No other plantations in the world have the range of diversity as that in Indian coffee plantations. We nurture a mixed cropping system that cultivates coffee harmoniously with other plants and trees. Pepper vines, cloves, dadaps wild figs are grown on tree shades.

Our plantations could well be a wild life sanctuary. Don’t be surprised if you spot a Green Pigeon, Siberian Crane or a Whistling Teal here. Or a Bee Eater, a Hoopoo, a Drongo or a Paradise Fly Catcher there. Rare fauna species and migratory birds feel at home. Our irrigation sources become water holes to leopards, wild boars, deer and rabbits at night.

Our team

A handpicked

Our team is just like our coffee. Full-bodied and robust.

Having won the ‘Flavour of India Fine Cup’ award in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, we at Thogarihunkal Group are actively pursuing expansion and diversification of business. The team is now a stronger blend of freshness and energy of the young, with the experience and vision of the veterans. A standard ingredient among all is the flavour for quality and consistency.

Our team reaches our unique roasted coffee beans to cafes and hotels. Better still, we offer customised coffee roasting by expert roastmasters. That’s why, today, more and more connoisseurs are sipping our coffee. And heaving a delightful sigh as they reach for the next sip.

Our Process

From Berry to Bean

The 400 acres of the Estate produce Speciality Arabica coffee grades. We only trust the seasoned Master roasters of Chikmagalur with this rich produce to conduct the roasting in a Diedrich Drum Roaster.

What makes our coffee different, is the fact that it’s the same. Our plantation and roasting experience comes together with sophisticated technology in every batch, to ensure the quality is unchanged. In fact, beans are cupped before and after the roasting at Bangalore for consistency.


Only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans make it from our backyard into our facility. Our experienced quality team make sure that the best raw ingredients are chosen as per the first established quality standards.


Blending, here, is a family tradition. It has been crafted and perfected for 3 generations of the family, now a skill that’s the secret to flavour of our coffees. The beans are carefully checked for colour, moisture content, cleaned and blended before roasting. Each batch turns out exactly like the last. For years.


State-of-the-art drum roasters use a slower, more controlled method that help our roasters achieve the consistency in flavour and profile of each batch.


Timing is everything in packing. Within minutes of being roasted, our coffee is sealed for freshness. Vacuum packing technology helps reduce the residual oxygen content which keeps the freshness of the coffee for longer.

The Blends

Our heady mixes

Aranya Gold

Refreshing and well-balanced with berry notes and hints of citrus aroma.
This is the fresh coffee from Mandalkhan Estate grown at an altitude of 3800-4200ft above sea level. A 100% washed Arabica AA coffee, medium roasted and best suitable for espresso and drip coffee.

Tiger Reserve

Subtle acidity with a dark chocolate finish.
Enjoy our best coffees from Thogarihunkal Estate with a blend of 80% washed Arabica and 20% unwashed Robusta that’s grown above 3500ft above sea level. The coffees are roasted medium to dark with a rich body.


A strong cuppa with bold chocolate flavours and brown sugar after sweetness.
Do not be fooled by this Vienna Roast, that is visibly lighter than the Italian roast. It packs a punch in its bold flavor and body.

French Press

A hint of acidity and balanced after taste.
This is a beautiful medium roasted coffee which is 100% washed Arabica that’s perfect for those long winter days.


Fancy a Cuppa?

Enjoy a rare coffee that’s roasted and packed in the place that it’s cultivated, under the same watchful eye, through and through. A fine coffee experience for true coffee lovers.

Choose from our award winning coffees, available in beans and powder.

Balanced Bio-diversity

A Flavourful

Our coffee is nurtured using organic and ecologically positive methods. We shade-grow coffee under the canopy of a three-tier shade system, selecting the trees using science and care. The primary shade or the lower shade is cared for by the nitrogen fixing Erythrina lithosperma. They enrich the soil by harvesting atmospheric nitrogen that in turn nourish the coffee plant.

Trees like Ficus Glomerata, Artocarpus integra, Ficus Mysorensis and Red Cedar offer secondary shade. They shed their leaves in the monsoons and become a rich canopy during the summer. These trees offer generous amounts of biomass and keep the soil temperature low.

The tertiary shade is of the hardwood species. Chosen as they attract rain-bearing clouds.

This three-tier shade system, is a natural filtration of unwanted material and a regulation of healthy rain. Our entire Estate is fed by natural stream water from surrounding hills that have the highest average of rainfall over the last hundred years. Yes, we are blessed.

We grow our coffee with love. We exercise environmental consciousness at every step of the cultivation. We also feel responsible and accountable for the social and economic upliftment of the millions of farmers and allied households they support.


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